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Absolute Beginners Fitness: Cardio Dance Interval Workout with Pam Cosmi (Видеоуроки)

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Absolute Beginners Fitness: Cardio Dance Interval Workout with Pam Cosmi  (Видеоуроки)

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Pam Cosmi - Absolute Beginners Fitness

Cardio Dance Interval Workout -Год выпуска: 2009
Жанр: Фитнес
Язык: английский
Продолжительность: 01:06:06 -Описание:

The Absolute Beginners Cardio Dance Interval Workout is the perfect way for the beginning exerciser to get into the grooves of a dynamic dance and strength exercise program. The intervals consist of a three minute cardio dance routine followed by a two minute light strength training segment utilizing a lightweight exercise tube...you ll be burning calories and fat faster than ever before! Instructor Pam Cosmi provides vivid and precise cuing throughout the workout so that you ll know just what move you ll be doing at all times. Two exercise modifiers are provided to ensure that you ll be working at just the right intensity level for you and a dynamic music track keeps the segments fresh and involving every time you do the DVD. A comprehensive warm-up is followed by the nine cardio dance interval segments; the program the finishes off with a thorough Core workout section for full body conditioning that leaves you energized and ready for anything!
A basic aero/tone interval program that burns fat and tones your muscles. It’s designed for exercise novices with simple moves and an easy-to-modify format (e.g. all of the nine intervals have an explicit “end,” so you can stop whenever it feels right to you). For easy learning, each cardio segment uses just one aerobic style. They range from familiar step touches, grapevines and marches to moves with a “lite” salsa, Bhangra or bellydance flavor. The toning sections also utilize just one exercise (e.g. squats in one interval, bicep curls in the next). Pam Cosmi’s beginner-oriented cuing is ideal — clear and informative with no distracting chatter. Requires an X-ertube. ©2009.
Level: Beg/Inter

Размер: 624 MB
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