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Carrie Rezabek - Pure Barre Pershing Square 2 (Видеоурок)

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Carrie Rezabek - Pure Barre Pershing Square 2  (Видеоурок)

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-Год выпуска: 2009
Страна: USA
Жанр: фитнес
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Продолжительность: 47:42-Описание: Carrie Rezabek - Pure Barre Pershing Square 2
Lift your seat, tone your thighs and arms, flatten your abs and burn fat in record-breaking time with the Pure Barre Technique! This 45-minute full body workout will not waste your time. Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change your body, producing results in just 10 sessions. You will be amazed at your narrower, leaner new physique. Pure Barre creator Carrie Rezabek leads you through a system of exercises targeted at the parts of the body that need it the most. You will begin with a warm-up to melt away fat and shape your upper body. Carrie then guides you through specific isometric movements that target your legs, seat, hips and abs. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a a stretch section, which will help you achieve the slim look of a dancer. The Pure Barre Technique truly is the answer. All you have to do is this DVD 2-3 times per week and your body will change- it is that simple. To mix in another level of workout in to your Pure Barre routine, try the first DVD in this series - -Carrie Rezabek is the creator and CEO of Pure Barre. Carrie grew up dancing, performing and choreographing events all over the U.S., gaining extensive training in dance, pilates, and fitness as well as the Lotte Berk Method, NYC. She opened her first studio in Birmingham, Michigan and developed the Pure Barre Technique, which is currently licensed in locations throughout the nation.
Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Размер: 520 MB
Количество дисков: 1

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