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Steps to a Likeness:Oils Portraits with professional artist Perri Sparks.CD2 DVD-avi rip

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Steps to a Likeness:Oils Portraits with professional artist Perri Sparks.CD2 DVD-avi rip

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Steps to a Likeness:Oils Portraits with professional artist Perri Sparks.CD2 DVD-avi rip (ENG)
Год выпуска: 2005
Страна: США / USA
Жанр: обучающее видео
Продолжительность: 206 минут
Описание: For the past 25 years Perri has prepared medical illustrations for a variety of medical schools and publishers. Three years ago, to focus on her fine art, she left her 10-year position as Director in Biomedical Communications at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. She is still teaching part-time in the university''s Medical Illustration Graduate Program as well as conducting a variety of national and international workshops.
Perri has a BFA from Syracuse University and a Masters in Art as Applied to Medicine from The Johns Hopkins University Medical School
Perri shows you how to achieve a likeness in your oil portraits with comprehensive step by step instructions in measuring, color mapping, warm and cool toning and lost and found edges. Her tips, tricks, and suggestions go way beyond mere demonstration.
Perri Sparks
Armed with a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, Perri worked for many years at a variety of academic medical institutions producing surgical illustrations for publication, medical animation, and classroom teaching.
Today, she produces fine art for commission and gallery sales as well as maintaining her position as Assistant Professor teaching in the Biomedical Illustration Graduate Program at UT Southwestern Medical School. She hosts a weekly nude figure painting session and schedules 5 or 6 workshops each year in Dallas, the Texas Hill Country, California, and Italy. Her work can be seen on the web at www.EarlyLightGallery.com.
After years of precisely portraying surgical anatomy for limited color production, she enjoys creating full-sized figurative pastel and oil paintings. Her goal is to focus on capturing the subject’s more elusive qualities the surface during the exchanges that occur when working with a live model. Her pastels are colorfully expressive and lately she has enjoyed capturing smaller, on-site landscapes in this looser manner. "I guess after years of ‘red for the arteries, and blue for the veins’ I needed to break out and tell my own story!"
This link takes you to a website where you can see more of Perri Sparks' beautiful work in pastel and oil.

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Steps to a Likeness:Oils Portraits with professional artist Perri Sparks.CD1 DVD-avi rip [502mb]- здесь:
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