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(Ценная информация №6) John Carlton's - Simple Writing System - Copywriting Course [2009 г., Copywriting]

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(Ценная информация №6) John Carlton's - Simple Writing System - Copywriting Course [2009 г., Copywriting]

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John Carlton's - Simple Writing System - Copywriting Course
If you're an entrepreneur or small biz owner
struggling to bring in the Big Bucks, please know this:
Your lack of success is NOT because you haven't found
the right super-secret trick or magic gadget.
Nope. The success you crave is being held up because of something
much more simple... and much easier to solve.
So here is the Big Question #1: Do you want to waste more time
chasing fads and second-guessing yourself...
... Or are you finally ready to learn the first simple step to unleashing
the Killer Marketer hiding inside you?
Okay, then. Let's get started on changing your life forever...
Год выпуска: 2009
Страна: USA
Жанр: Copywriting
Друзья, приветствуйте новое и вкусное!
К Вашему вниманию -
На очереди мудрый мужик и мульти-миллионер.
Довольно толково и рассудительно подходит ко всем проблемам,
которые можно отнести к написанию рекламно-душевного текста.
Кто знаком с ним, "оторвет сендвич с рукою вместе".
Часто, чтобы убедиться в написании своего текста, нам необходимо слово
человека, который сам аналогичным заинтересован и имеет опыт за плечами многолетний.
Так вот, чтобы не сомневаться уже потом, после написания своего текста,
изучите этот курс, и возможно, уже скоро, Вы сами станете тем, к кому будут обращаться за советом.
Рекомендую зайти на страницу автора и по бокам рекламного текста
прочитать отзывы. Будете заинтересованы, когда заметите знакомые лица.
Страница Автора тут
Формат: DVD Video
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: 720x480 60hz 4:3
Аудио: 48000Hz 16Bits 2 channels
The foundation of the Simple Writing System is the same 17-point checklist I have used my entire career to write fortune-making sales messages, over and over again.
Packaged neatly in the most fascinating DVD home study course you're ever going to lay your hands on.
I've been teaching for decades... and it took me a long time to figure out the best way to force-feed good information and advice and tactics into your head.
The simple "nail it down in your brain" exercises in this home study course are designed to make each step permanent.
So you're not dealing with theory. You can go read a book for theory.
No. Instead, you are ACTIVELY LEARNING THE EXACT STEPS that have created fortunes for me and so many others.
The DVDs take you through the entire system. Step by step.
And because we recorded live workshop classes in these DVDs...
... you get to see how other people -- from all kinds of backgrounds, in all kinds of markets, with all kinds of excuses and fears and discomfort with writing -- used these same exercises...
... to get initiated, quickly and easily, into the systematic application of the steps.
I will also include in your package the most sought-after and legendary special reports I've ever offered:
The infamous "Power Words" compendium (loads and loads and loads of hot words and phrases you can nick to keep your own copy dangerously readable)...
... and "11 Quick Marketing Fixes" -- the basic checklist I've used for 20 years when I do high-priced consultations. (You'll not only know how to fix your own "main bugaboo" problems... but you'll now be savvy enough to help others, too.)
These valuable reports are yours to KEEP, no matter what. My gift to you, just for getting involved now.
This program has been completely "road tested" to deliver everything you need to finally "get" the process of writing killer sales copy.

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