Jive. Dancing Basics with Passion. Славик Крикливый и Карина Смирнофф. [2006 г., Латина. Бальные танцы/Latin. Ballroom Dance, DVDRip]

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Jive. Dancing Basics with Passion. Славик Крикливый и Карина Смирнофф.
Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: USA (Corky Ballas)
Жанр: Латина. Бальные танцы/Latin. Ballroom Dance
Продолжительность: 01:40:59
Язык : Английский
History of Jive
Body Positions and Holds
Jive Chassйs
Other Positions
Bronze Level - Jive Warm Up
1) Basic in Place
2) Fallaway Rock
3) Fallaway Throwaway
4) Overturned Fallaway Throwaway
5) The Link
6) Change of Place Right to Left
7) Change of Place Left to Right
8) Change of Hands Behind the Back
9) The Hip Bump
Jive Exercise Routine
Bronze Jive Routine
Routine Explanation
Jive Chassй Routine
Silver Level - Jive Warm Up
10) American Spin
11) The Walks
12) Stop and Go
13) The Mooch
14) The Whip
15) The Whip Throwaway
16) The Reverse Whip
17) The Windmill
18) Spanish Arms
19) Rolling Off the Arm
20) Simple Spin
21) Miami Special
Silver Jive Routine
Gold Level - Jive Warm Up
22) Curly Whip
23) Shoulder Spin
24) Chugging
25) Toe Heel Swivels
26) Chicken Walks
27) The Catapult
28) Stalking Walks and Flicks into Break
Gold Level Jive Flick Warmup
Gold Jive Routine

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