Lerning fencing DVD & DVDrip

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Lerning fencing DVD & DVDrip
Год выпуска: 2000
Вид спорта: фехтование
Участники: fencing guy's and girls
Продолжительность: 54'
Комментарий: Профессиональный (одноголосый)
Язык комментариев: english
Описание: Learn the art of the ancient noble sport. Fencing is an exciting and fun way to get in shape! The fast-paced action encourages the development of speed strength agility and mental discipline. All you need to get started is to follow along as our expert instructor demonstrates beginning fencing techniques with step-by-step video lessons.
Product Features:
- Step-by-step video instruction
- Build speed strength and agility
- Fundamental moves and practice sequences
- Overview of equipment
- Brief history of fencing
- Competitive fencing demonstration
- Additional Features Approximate
Run Time: 54 minutes
Format: Color full-frame stereo sound NTSC
Other Features: Interactive menus
Language: English
Minimum Requirements DVD is compatible with all NTSC players
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