Mark Jenest's Miracles While-U-Wait

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Mark Jenest's Miracles While-U-Wait
Страна: USA
Жанр: Обучение фокусам
Описание: The Effect
You know Mark Jenest from his national television appearances and best selling magic products. Now, Mark performs and teaches his innovative routines in his first ever instructional video. Mark performs live on the streets of Hollywood in front of real spectators. His magic is unbelievably practical-it fits in your pockets and plays everywhere. Best of all, he's as fun to learn from as he is to watch perform.
Here's a sample of what's included—
• Jiggernaut - a cup and ball routine with a 'jigger' (that little metal thing-a-ma-jig used for measuring drinks) and an olive.
• ChapTrick - A Chapstick container is used as an impromptu magic wand to make a playing card vanish. The card then reappears...inside the Chapstick!
• Billoon! - A spectator's signed bill magically appears inside a balloon! A deviously simple new method.
• Demotivation - Your business card magically changes in the spectator's hands! Discover Mark's unique and natural handling for this classic effect!
• Short Hop - Imagine doing the Hopping Half coin effect without sounding like the Tin Man (that's right, no shells!)
• The Classic Farce - A spectator's signature vanished then reappears on a selected card, the card changes color, then the whole deck changes. And, (are you sitting down?) the deck's examinable! A Tour de farce!
• Also included is mark's expert handling for the No. 2 Pencil... plus much, much more.
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